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e strive to produce total working shepherds that are able to function in multiple tasks and disciplines,ranging from high sport and agility, to law enforcement, personal protection and S&R.

We use only bloodlines that have consistently focused on maintaining the strong work ethic by which this wonderful breed was created. These lines are a careful combination of only the strongest West German/DDR, and Czech bloodlines, the majority consisting of West with about 1/4 DDR/Czech to add diversity.
Every good breeding program begins with the primary focus on the females, and ours are bred to produce. They descend from some of the all time greats. Dogs like...
Gildo/Toro/Troll Korbelbach, Wicko Meran, Racker Itztal, Drigon, Fero, Troll, Mink, Askia, Umsa, Ulf Haus Iris, Held/Golf/Grand Ritterberg, Ingo Rudigen, Urban Hopfenstrasse, Addi Tonteichen, Gomo Schieferschloss, Crok Erlenbusch, Uwe, Andy, Yogy, Ilja, Stoffelblick, Bemd, and many more.

Our pups are guaranteed to OFA hips/elbows at 24 mos.

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One of our pups, Gunner (6 months old), doing Schutzhund work.

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