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Amazing Love


One Day

Give The Best

Lend A Hand

Safe In His Hands

Heís Returning

Best Friend

Mama Knew

Best Things

Adoption Song

Amazing Love


Jesus Is My Bridge


Jesus Is My Bridge

Just Like A Wheel

Whatís Wrong With My Children

Donít Give Up On The Brink Of A Miracle

Because He Lives

No King Ever Wore His Crown So Well

I Am Thine, O Lord

Victory In Jesus / Power In The Blood

Lord Of All



Thereís Just No Doubt!


Thereís Just No Doubt

Open Your Heart

Itís In The Word

So Much More

When The Trumpet Sounds

Heíll Do The Same For You

A Few Good Men

So Much Sweeter

Great Reunion Day

If You Only Call His Name



For information concerning concerts or recordings you may contact DonÖ.


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Don Gidcumb

225 Hazel Road

Simpson, IL 62985



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Visit Gidcumb Shepherds, Gidcumb Foxtrotters, and Rivian's Arabians.

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