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We are excited to share with you the following puppies available for sale. Please Contact Us for additional information

Merlin x Bitzie Litter - Born 8/24/18

Babe -- SOLD

Babe is a black and white party female.

Jack -- SOLD

Jack is a blue merle party male.


Black and White beautifully marked. Would make a wonderful pet or maybe a service dog. $1000.


Chocolate and White party male. This puppy is absolutely beautiful his marking are something to look at. He can be anything you want him to be. $1100


Blue Merle Party male. You could not ask for better color he could be your next stud dog or your best friend. $1200.

Whole Litter


Litter Born 6/27/18

Jake -- SOLD

Jake is a blue merle male born June 27, 2018. When mature he should weigh between 18 to 20 pounds. He should make a great pet or possibly a service dog. Both parents are happy dogs that love people.

Buddy -- SOLD

Buddy is a blue merle male with nice white markings. He should mature between 16 and 20 pounds would make a wonderful pet for anyone to enjoy.

Jill -- SOLD

Jill is a beautiful black and white female with excellent markings white collar and four paws white on her face. She should make someone a great pet or a good dog for breeding.


Bell is a mostly white female. She has a black head and one large black spot on her shoulder. Bell is very pretty and should make someone a wonderful companion as she grows up. $800

Blue Merle Party Male - SOLD

Chocolate Merle Female - SOLD

Please Contact Us if you'd like to be notified when our next litter is announced.

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