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We searched the internet for our new dog and struggled looking.  Everywhere we turned, someone or some site was warning us about buying a dog off the internet.  Before we made our decision, we called Rivian.  What an amazing call that was. 

She was honest, straight forward and caring. She reminded me from day one of my first dog and her breeder some 30 years ago.  When I got off the phone, my wife and I knew she was the right breeder.

Rivian was easy to talk with.  She responded to emails and kept me up to date on the progress of Aspen, our new puppy.  Rivian was as eager to meet us, as we were to get our new puppy, a good sign when it comes to breeder. 

Breeders should have a desire to meet the people where their puppies are going to their forever homes.  Living in Wisconsin, we couldn’t drive down to meet her and Aspen until the day we picked Aspen up.  We went on faith.

As the days went by, I had more and more questions.  Rivian had no problem answering them for me.  I knew we had made the right decision.  To this day, we still send updates to Rivian.  She welcomes the emails and the new pictures of Aspen.  I would highly recommend Rivian to anyone looking for a puppy.  She is amazing, the entire process was just perfect.

~Mick C., Madison, WI

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