Work hard.

Play harder.

Bred and raised to keep up with it all.

Welcome to the online home of Gidcumb Farm

Gidcumb Farm is owned by Don Gidcumb and Rivian Gardner.

Don & Rivian have many years of experience raising and training German Shepherds, Aussie Doodles, Missouri Foxtrotters, & Old World Arabian Horses.

The farm is located in southern Illinois and backs up to the Shawnee National Forest.

Overhead view of the farm

Our Animals

German Shepherds

We raise total working shepherds that are able to function in multiple disciplines from high sport and agility, to law enforcement, personal protection and S&R.


Our Missouri Foxtrotters are a combination of smooth gaited, sure footed, quiet dispositioned trail horses that anyone can ride.


Our Old World Arabian horses are all straight Egyptian and most are straight Babson.


Are you looking to add a new companion to your family?

Whether you’re considering a Shepherd, Aussie Doodle, Foxtrotter, or Arab, we’d love to answer your questions about our animals and help you find the perfect fit.